Gordon Hopkins: Born in Boston, Ma USA. 1965
My work often evolves from memories I experience, a random view, place or pattern stirs an inspiration. Architecture, Gardens, colors and traveling generate new ideas. My studies and projects in Landscape design can also be seen as having a deep influence in my work, which is evident in my newest collection of paintings "The imaginary garden series".

Working with children has also brought to me much inspiration, I work with 8 different schools through out the year and one school for the disabled. The children are between the ages of 5-10 years old. I think its the pure expression and naive approach that children have which inspires me the most.

In my work I try to show a visual simplicity, balance and powerful layers of color which combine to show a deep emotion and passion for the sometimes simple things in life.
I really enjoy working with patterns and repetition, I constantly try to develop different color combinations, textures and compositions, to define space resulting in works unique to my own point of view.
I also enjoy experimenting with different materials and subject matters. Abstraction is an area I am very drawn too and would like to do more work in that direction. I have also begun to work with Ink on paper and find the contrast of black and white as opposed to full color paintings a different type of challenge. The free movement of the brush and Ink also provides a completely different texture and line content.

I have been asked many time to define my work as one type or another, but I prefer not to label myself as one specific type of artist. I feel that today it is important to be open and exploring all possibilities.

The imaginary garden

Les oeuvres, "The imaginary garden", sélectionnées représentent les éléments du jardin; les plantes, le feuilles, le fleurs... ces formes qui atterrissent sur la toile issu de mon expérience et mon travail botanique.
Ces éléments sont par la suite transposés dans mon imagination. Une combinaison réinventée de nouvelles couleurs et de formes s'en dégagent et se créent.
Mon désire et d' envahir l'espace de couleurs lumineuses et de textures riche de couches de peinture qui créent profondeur et vibration.
J'aime laisser dans mes oeuvres le trace d'une image aux motifs contrastés et aux couleurs éclatantes qui évoquent un sens de vive émotion, d'inspiration, d'enthousiasme et de pure merveille de ce que la nature a à nous offrir.


Group shows

2008 Galerie Liehrmann, Liege, Belgium.
2008 Galerie dei Barri, Gassin presque' ile de Saint- Tropez, Fr.
2008 La Galerie,Brigitte Capy, Hossegor Fr.
2007-2008 Gallery Envie d' art, Paris, France.
2007-2008 Baltazar, Brussels ,Belgium.
2006- 2008 Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, UK.
2007 Lineart. Gent, Belgium.
2007 Affordable art fair, Amsterdam,NL .
2007 Santa Fe art fair, USA.
2007 New York Affordable art fair. USA.
2007 Miami contemporary art fair, Miami Florida, USA
2007 Palm Beach contemporary art fair, Palm beach, USA
2007 Art DC, Washington DC, USA.
2005-2007 Affordable art fair , London, UK.
2005 Jenny Granger Gallery, Whitstable, UK.
2005 Belgravia gallery, London, UK.
2003-2006 Belgrave gallery, St Ives, Cornwall UK.
2003-2006 Santa Barbara Art Co, Santa Barbara, Ca USA.
2001-2005 Lemon street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall UK.
2001-Gallery One on One, Brussels, Belgium.
1999.2000 Open studios, San Francisco, Ca USA.
1994 AVA Gallery, Hanover, NH USA.

Solo Exhibitions

2007 Gallery Baltazar, Brussels, Belgium.
2006 Galerie Dautcourt, 38 rue minimes 1000 Bruxelles.
2006 Jenny Granger Gallery, “points of View” Whitstable, UK.
2005 Open studio, “summer patterns” London, UK.
2005 Pall mall deposit, London, UK.
2004 Open studio, “ The simple things” Brussels, Belgium.
2000 Open studio, Santa Barbara, CA. USA
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